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It’s time to get outside and connect with nature

South Padre Island

August 1, 2018 — CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Busy schedules, excessive screen time and lots of other factors keep kids from connecting with nature, even though study after study show that spending time outdoors makes them healthier, happier and smarter. Same goes for adults. So why not head outside together?

From August 18 to November 10, Coastal Bend residents will have the opportunity to venture outside and connect with nature during Texas Nature Challenge 2018. This family-oriented adventure is aimed at getting families and kids outside and visiting local parks, nature centers and green spaces. At each site, participants complete challenges designed for family fun and nature exploration.

Digital badges offer an additional opportunity for families and teams to interact with Texas Nature ...

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Texas Forest Service deploys incident management teams to South Texas for Tropical Storm Alex

Corpus Christi

Texas Forest Service is sending nearly 50 emergency responders to South Texas in preparation for Tropical Storm Alex, which is expected to make landfall as a hurricane early Wednesday morning.

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Corpus Christi Wins ‘America’s Birdiest City’

Corpus Christi

The results are in and Corpus Christi once again celebrates the title of 'America's Birdiest City'. Corpus Christi has held the title consecutively each year since 2003.

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$1.5 million Federal Grant to Expand Texas Artificial Reef Program

7 Reef Projects to Benefit, Including Accessible Shallow-Water Sites

AUSTIN, Texas — The sand-bottom Gulf of Mexico provides almost no natural reefs for marine life, which is why the Texas Artificial Reef Program was created to provide structures for a thriving ocean ecosystem of aquatic invertebrates and the fish that feed on them. A $1.5 million federal grant will fund creation or enhancement of seven reef sites off the Texas coast in coming years.

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Explore the Outdoors with “Women in the Wild” Workshop

ROCKPORT — Women interested in the outdoors are invited to attend the second annual Women in the Wild workshop, a weekend-long event being held by the Rockport chapter of the Texas Outdoors Woman Network (TOWN) on May 1-2. The event is designed to help familiarize women with the various outdoor activities in the Coastal Bend and encourage them to participate in a fun and safe outdoor environment.

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TPWD Seeks Input on Prospective List of Approved Exotic Aquatic Plants

AUSTIN — Attractive as ornamentals and functional in some applications, invasive aquatic plants can also pose a threat to the state’s natural resources. To provide appropriate opportunities for use of certain non-native aquatic plants and algae without risking impacts to the state’s natural resources, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is looking for help compiling a prospective list of exotics that could be allowed for sale in Texas.

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Abandoned Crab Trap Drop-off Sites Announced

CORPUS CHRISTI — Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials announced drop-off sites for the 8th Texas Abandoned Crab Trap Removal Program, scheduled this year from Feb. 19 to 28.

During this 10-day period, all Texas bays will be closed to crabbing with crab traps, and any traps left in the bay will be presumed to be abandoned and considered litter under state law, thus allowing volunteers to legally remove any crab traps they find.

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TPW Commission Approves $2.5 Million in Boat Ramp Grants

AUSTIN — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved $2,545,249 in grants to pay for 10 boat ramp construction or repair projects across the state.

The funding receiving the commission’s OK at its January 28 meeting is made possible by the State Boating Access Program authorized by the 64th Legislature in 1975. The program provides funding for the purchase, construction, renovation and maintenance of boat ramps, access roads and other related projects aimed at improving the recreational boater’s access to public waters. The money for the program comes back to the states from the federal recreational boating gasoline tax and an excise tax on fishing tackle collected under the Federal Aid to Sport Fish Recreation Act.

Local governments will operate and maintain the ramps.


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Texas Parks & Wildlife takes Expo on the Road

AUSTIN, Texas — On Feb. 20-21 at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will debut its new Life’s Better Outside® Experience, in effect taking its TPW Expo on the road. In San Antonio and at similar events this year in Houston, Longview and Corpus Christi, visitors of all ages can try fishing, archery, birding, rock climbing, camping, Wildlife CSI, and other activities, with gear and guidance provided free.

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Early Response Bolsters Sea Turtle Rescue

AUSTIN, Texas — An early and intensive response by state game wardens and coastal fisheries biologists, aided by United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and National Park Service (NPS) biologists and a network of volunteers is bolstering efforts to rescue record numbers of Atlantic green sea turtles stunned during recent cold weather along the Texas coast.

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