Corpus Christi Wins ‘America’s Birdiest City’

by | Jun 17, 2010 | Corpus Christi | 0 comments

The results are in and Corpus Christi once again celebrates the title of ‘America’s Birdiest City’. Corpus Christi has held the title consecutively each year since 2003.

The 2010 results released the evening of Monday, June 15, declared Corpus Christi the winner of the Largest Coastal City Division and the Overall Winner as ‘America’s Birdiest City’. Nueces County was named the Birdiest Coastal County along the Gulf Coast with 262 birds. Port Aransas won the title of Birdiest Small Coastal City with 208 species of birds for the first time. The annual nationwide contest determines the best city for birding after hundreds of avid birders from around the country count the number of species seen between April 1 and May 31. Within the two-month span of the contest, participating cities and counties selected a 72-hour window to count birds, making it a fast-pace competition somewhat like a scavenger hunt. Local birders united again this year and counted a total of 243 species of birds in our city. The team is made up of members from the Audubon Outdoor Club, Coastal Bend Audubon Society and many other birders. San Diego, California came in second with 191 species of birds.


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