TPW Commission Approves $2.5 Million in Boat Ramp Grants

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AUSTIN — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved $2,545,249 in grants to pay for 10 boat ramp construction or repair projects across the state.

The funding receiving the commission’s OK at its January 28 meeting is made possible by the State Boating Access Program authorized by the 64th Legislature in 1975. The program provides funding for the purchase, construction, renovation and maintenance of boat ramps, access roads and other related projects aimed at improving the recreational boater’s access to public waters. The money for the program comes back to the states from the federal recreational boating gasoline tax and an excise tax on fishing tackle collected under the Federal Aid to Sport Fish Recreation Act.

Local governments will operate and maintain the ramps.


The grants include:

  • Aransas County Navigation District — The Aransas County Navigation District will receive $215, 628 to expand the parking area at the boat ramp on the south side of Copano Bay, construct a walkway to improve access for people with disabilities, build covered picnic tables and provide signs.
  • City of Bastrop — The City of Bastrop will receive $397,600 to replace an old boat ramp to provide better access to the Colorado River, do dredging and place bulkheads needed to prevent bank erosion. The money also will allow for construction of a parking area and a sidewalk to improve access for people with disabilities.
  • Brazos River Authority — The Brazos River Authority will receive $82,500 for renovation and expansion of a boat ramp on Lake Granbury in Hood County that had been damaged and in danger of collapse. The grant also covers bulkheads, lighting and signs.
  • City of Corpus Christi — The City of Corpus Christi will receive $500,000 to renovate and upgrade the heavily used Clem’s Boat Ramp as well as the access road, parking area, utilities, courtesy dock, bulkhead and signs. The project, will improve access to the Laguna Madre and Intracoastal Waterway.
  • Calhoun County — Calhoun County will receive $126,000 to build a rock jetty to protect an existing public boat ramp on Magnolia Beach and improve lighting and signage. The boat ramp affords public access to Lavaca Bay. The jetty will project against silting and wave damage and make it safer to launch or land at the ramp.
  • City of Grapevine — The City of Grapevine will receive $198,750 for construction of a pavilion and restroom at the existing Meadowmere Park public boat ramp on Lake Grapevine in Tarrant County.
  • Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority — The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority will receive $75,000 for renovation of a boat ramp at Lake Wood, plus a walkway and courtesy dock to improve access for people with disabilities, new bulkhead, lighting and signage.
  • City of Jefferson — The City of Jefferson will receive $361,500 for construction of a boat ramp, parking area, access road, courtesy dock, lighting, a walkway to improve access for people with disabilities, and signage at Big Cypress Bayou in Marion County.
  • City of Port Isabel — The City of Port Isabel will receive $388,330 to renovate and improve a boat ramp, parking area, bulkheads, restroom, utilities and lighting at Pompano Street on the Laguna Madre. The grant also will cover construction of a new courtesy dock and fish cleaning table.
  • Tom Green County — Tom Green County will receive $199,941 for construction of a new boat ramp on the South Concho River to replace an older ramp. The grant also will fund a parking area, bank stabilization and signs.


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