Trashing Galveston Beaches Isn’t Cool!

by | Aug 14, 2009 | Galveston Island | 0 comments

The Texas General Land Office has been sending this message across the state for twenty-two years, and Texans have responded. Since the first cleanup in 1986, more than 382,000 Texas Adopt-A-Beach volunteers have picked up more than 7,300 tons of trash from the Texas coast.

Due to tide patterns in the Gulf of Mexico, trash dumped anywhere in the gulf is likely to end up on a Texas beach. Volunteers record information such as the source and type of debris collected on data cards provided by Ocean Conservancy. This data has been instrumental in the passage of international treaties and laws aimed at reducing the amount of offshore dumping.

Keeping Texas beaches clean and safe is an economic as well as environmental priority. Coastal tourism, a $7 billion industry, and commercial fishing, a $1.9 billion business, demand clean beaches and a healthy gulf to thrive.
The program strives to:

    * raise public awareness;
    * educate citizens about the source of debris; and
    * generate public support for state, national and international action to clean up coastal waters.

The Texas Adopt-A-Beach Program, an all-volunteer effort, is dedicated to preserving and protecting Texas beaches. The program’s success is due to the generous efforts of dedicated volunteer county coordinators, coastal community leaders, sponsors and citizens. Strong support from the private sector helps carry our message to Texans all across the state.

Please join us at our next beach cleanup.


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