Hubcap Grill of Galveston

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Galveston Island | 0 comments

Hubcap Grill is now open on the Historic Galveston Strand! Weather you’re a long time islander, weekend visitor or Spring Break vacationer, your trip to the Strand just got a whole lot more delicious.

Hubcap Grill proudly makes “Houston’s Best Burger” Galveston’s Best Burger! They are a family friendly venue, but in Galveston we have a complete bar including specialty drinks. This location goes next level!

Hubcap Grill creates specialty hand crafted burgers. They pride themselves on their products with fresh never frozen beef and hand cut fries. Their burgers are cooked to order and take time to prepare. They know you will taste the difference in the hand crafted burgers despite slightly longer cook times.

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The Hubcap Grill has been voted the best burger in Houston. Publications from all over the country and several food talk shows as well agree that Hubcap Grill is “Houston’s Best Burger!”

Travel + Leisure Magazine have rated Houston as the top burger city in the country, and said the Hubcap Grill may just have the Best Burger in America!


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